When I was growing up, I realised that whenever my Mom, Grandma or sister got a new bag, they became happier than ever. I liked the feeling, the empowerment and starry-eyed look that remained on their faces for some time was priceless. I remained wondering what would make more people happier. During the course of the lockdown, the one thing that worked wonders for making my Mom happier was the sight of a new bag.

As a result, I leveraged on my Mom’s expertise of being a jewellery designer and worked on creating a bag that would empower other people.

Veronica Bags was born as a result from an exciting place to provide women a happy place to shop. We now sell our very own authentic, new luxury items that are in a new and good condition.

We are a purely chic-friendly handbag store based in the Sunny Coast of Durban, South Africa. Tasked with the purpose of making you feel like a better you, with 100% comfortability and affordability. Here now, we are ready to provide you with all the confidence needed while flaunting your flair.

We believe looking and feeling good doesn't need to be inherently expensive and have aimed at providing high quality products at the best prices for you, without the expensive markups. We at Veronica Bags Luxe are inspired by the cultural diversity which defines all women to be adventurous therefore their lifestyle. Where every women’s mood should be a lifestyle.

Why are we doing this?

For the longest time, my Mom and I, have been wanting to inspire and empower others through the actions that we take. With the unexpected arrival of the Corona Virus we were let down, convinced that we had no way to truly achieve the vision that we’d wanted so badly we retreated into the idea that we would never be able to make others feel empowered.
Though the trying times were upon us, we were led to believe that there was another way that we could help you feel empowered, by allowing you to feel and look good with the perfect luxury bag.
Now our goal is giving you great quality products at the best prices. As suggested by you the meaning behind the name Veronica, we want to showcase “YOU” in your true image as a strong empowered woman who emerges victorious through her daily battles.